Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Merchant's Bank upgrade

Hey... Wow another blog entry! How exciting...hmmmm....

So I have completed two middle tower sections on my Merchant's Bank building. The first was part of the building kit the second is one of two add on kits. So yup... I've got one more to finish before I do the top. I've spent some time on paint matching this model as I weather each section as I go. So I've tried my best to match the weathering pattern etc. This last add on section I probably spent about an hour aging the building.

At first I was worried that this building would be too tall and thin with three middle sections....now I think you could pull off four. I'm going to see how this looks once I've finished it before I decide to buy one more add on kit. Though I think I'll stop at 3 mid sections. I am so excited to see how awesome this building is looking. It's going to look fantastic beside my Hilton Hotel skyscraper.

At first I put in the window blinds that come with the kit but I didn't like them so I removed them. I'm going to work over this week on window blinds and what would look authentic and natural. I would also like to add lights to this building in the future so I'm going to have to be creative.

Anyways these buildings are absolutely awesome. I should have this one done by the weekend....then on to one of my next ten projects to do! :D

Cheers all, Bob

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