Saturday, February 21, 2009

Merchant's Bank (BASE) Paint and weathering...

I decided to upload two photos on the base I finished tonight. Well not really finished but finished for now. :D I always have a tough time deciding what colour to paint my buildings and how to age them etc. This building is going to be very tall and goes together in many sections. Also before this building goes together all the windows need to be in and interior details etc. For this reason I wanted to age and weather the building as I build each section and before I place the windows in. Nothing looks worse than paint on windows, except for maybe globs of glue squeezing out between seems etc. :D Getting back to this building I had a very tough time deciding what colour to paint it. I also wanted to keep as much of the lazer cut details of the building so I decided to paint it...yes believe it or not, with an aerasol can. Not my usual choice. However I touched it up with an assortment of coloured washes and dry dry dry smudgings.

The first coat I used a satin finished Krylon fusion paint...almost a concrete colour. I did two coats with this paint from different angles so I got the inside window jams from all sides. The Krylon paints even in the satin finish have a very glossy look... to me anyways. I then did a white wash ( deluted White polyscale paint). They mentioned in the kit instructions not to use alcohol on this kit as it eats the Acrylic model. Once the white wash was done it looked pretty bad! hahahaa. I then used various dry brushings of concrete mix with Reefer black, C.P. Grey, then a final dry brush over with Concrete. By dry brushing I mean I get a colour I like get it in the brush and work the paint till there's hardly any paint left in it. But enough to work the model for the right painting effect, I like. It also helps to blend, smudge and blur the different colour tones to create a realistic dirty building look. I still need to add the side walks back to this building! :D

Anyways I'm happy with how this model is looking. I'm hoping it won't look too gawky with the two extra add on kits. I've yet to see this building made with even one add on kit. So I'll see probably tomorrow how this building turns out. Again it should be almost 2 feet so looking at the size of the base right now I'm crossing my fingers it'll be o.k. I could always buy another building to eat up my extra add on kit! :D

Cheers more to post on this building over the weekend! :D


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