Friday, February 20, 2009

Wow, I'm just starting to feel better as I've had a pretty bad cold. This is why I've been off line for a couple of days. I also really did nothing to my train layout progress over this time. However I did do one more add on section to my Fidelity building. I've got one more to do on top of this however I'm missing a major piece and am waiting for it to arrive from CMR. I have to say that has just an outstanding customer service. I'm am completely impressed with their business.

Here's the current progress photo of the fidelity building...

One thing I've learned is when painting this building via brush and polyscale paints is add a small small small amount of water to the paint and shake in really well. By doing this and by being careful with the brush and thinner layers you can keep the brick details much better. you can see the difference between the top add on section and the middle add on section. I am going to go over this middle section again and clean up the brick lines a little bit better. However it's going to get aged and weathered yet. This building also still needs windows, sidewalks, signs, people, tree(s), awning etc. This all being said, these building kits are awesome. I'll keep posting my progress reports on all four of my CMR building kits.

Cheers all,

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