Friday, February 20, 2009

Merchant's Bank (CMR Kit)

Hey everyone!!! I finally got into building my Merchant's Bank (CMR) kit tonight. I am excited to get this building done. It'll be a significant building in my layout standing at almost 2 feet or about 320 feet in scale. I'm building this build opposite to how the photo looks in this ad from CMR.

It's funny as the sidewalks come installed in this kit and the sidewalks come to make the kit the way I'm making it. There's also a mistake in the instructions as to what I discovered and to what my friend Don discovered as well. The back wall is show in the instructions to be placed opposite than it's suppose to. Luckily I was able to unglue the wall and reverse it's positioning with out breaking anything.

If anyone needs to redo a part in these models just add a lot more of the glue around the section you want to separate and gently pull apart.

I'm excited to see how this model comes out as if I'm happy with it I may order a second one to go right beside it and build it oposite to the one I'm building now and build it either one section short or one section higher or maybe I'll remove the top section....something to make it a bit different than this building. But all things in time!

As you can see in the photos, the kit comes in a small box with all parts in highly detailed white Acrylic. The kits go together very easy, but unless you've built the building a first time...follow the instructions very closely. It's very easy to break some of the more delicate pieces and ungluing some of these parts can be very difficult. I'm currently painting this bottom section. I hope to have this entire building completed over the weekend! :D

cheers all,

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